Announcing the 2019-20 Season at Kaufman Music Center!


Dear Friends,

At Kaufman Music Center, we see music opening doors and transforming lives every day. People often tell me that their lives have been profoundly changed by their experiences here – by lessons that ignited a lifelong passion, a deeply inspiring performance, or an opportunity to connect artistically and personally with others. That’s why we’ve chosen “Transformation” as a theme for our 2019-20 season. You can see it everywhere, in both personal experience and in works of art.

The “Transformation” motif runs through the new season like an electric current, illuminating masterpieces by Bach and Schubert as well as Broadway musicals, pop songs and new work by cutting-edge post-genre artists. You’ll find out how Beethoven’s revolutionary “Archduke” Trio transformed Western music, and how books, plays and movies get turned into musicals like Wicked and South Pacific. Our Ecstatic Music series celebrates its 10th anniversary this year – 10 years of audacious musical collaborations by artists who are transforming the way we hear music.

In our classrooms at Lucy Moses School and Special Music School, “Transformation” is woven through curricula – from music theory and technology to Baroque opera – probing the rich web of connections between music and other disciplines like history, poetry and science. Much more than a concert hall, Kaufman Music Center is a unique musical ecosystem where audiences and learners of all ages and backgrounds can connect with music.

This season, come find your musical home at Kaufman Music Center!


Kate Sheeran
Executive Director, Kaufman Music Center

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