Ballet is the Perfect Recipe for “A Happy Head on a Strong Body”


Larissa, a 74-year-old Adult Division ballet student at Lucy Moses School, shares her experience:

“The great benefit of taking ballet at my age is that it teaches me how to keep my body erect and maintain my balance properly.

"Our teacher Parsla Vintere is particular about having us use the proper muscles to support our bodies both in static positions as well as in motion. She has the gift of taking us as we are and helping us accomplish whatever we can, correctly and gracefully. When we use our muscles inefficiently, Parsla teaches us how to execute the position or move more effectively and safely.

"It’s very encouraging because she’ll take you exactly as you are and help you make the best of your abilities. And all that learning and dancing, set to beautiful music — it just makes for a happy head on a strong body.”

Learn more about dance classes for adults at LMS.

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