Broadcast from Home - Partnership with Kaufman Music Center & Composer Lisa Bielawa



A large-scale musical work with a call for testimonies in response to the isolation of sheltering in place, social distancing and quarantine during the COVID-19 crisis. 
This project was featured by NPR.

Broadcast from Home Listening Events
Thursday, August 20 & Friday August 21, 2 pm ET (FREE)
Streamed here and on Kaufman Music Center's Facebook page
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Kaufman Music Center presents a free online listening event of the entire cycle of composer Lisa Bielawa’s Broadcast From Home, an inspired musical response to the shelter-in-place measure put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Broadcast in two parts, audiences will have the opportunity to hear the work in its entirety as well as Lisa live in conversation with musicians from around the globe who participated in the project. The conversations will be moderated by John Glover, Kaufman Music Center’s Director of Artistic Planning.

August 20 and 21 will be the first opportunity to hear the full work in its entirety and hear insights from Lisa and her collaborators, some of whom are known to her only through their participation in this project, about the creation of Broadcast From Home.


Begun on April 9th, Broadcast from Home is a musical work from composer, vocalist and producer Lisa Bielawa that has created community during the isolation of the coronavirus crisis. Bielawa asked the public at large to submit testimonies about their own experience of this crisis. She then selected testimonies to set to music and invited the public, as well as some frequent collaborators, to perform the music from their homes and submit recordings. This process resulted in a new chapter each week, composed by Lisa and created in collaboration with musicians connected in their experience of this global pandemic.

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As Lead Partner of Broadcast from Home, Kaufman Music Center provides production support and has activated its community and students to participate in the work both with testimonies and in performance. Students from Kaufman Music Center’s Lucy Moses SchoolSpecial Music School and Face the Music programs have participated as instrumentalists and vocalists in the project.

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