Meet Andrew Chung, Lucy Moses School's Youngest Student


Lucy Moses School’s youngest student will turn two this spring. Andrew Chung loves his Music for Toddlers class, especially the welcome song when the teacher sings his name. A huge fan of M&Ms, Andrew is partial to toy cars and trucks with flashing lights and sirens.

It’s never too early to introduce children to music! “I just want him to have a love and appreciation for music,” says Andrew’s mom, Grace. “I like the way music is introduced to them in the Music for Toddlers and Dalcroze classes.” “We really appreciate the teachers here,” she says, noting the welcoming and engaging atmosphere in Laca Tines’s class. “Sean Hartley’s Dalcroze class is like music theory for toddlers – it’s the best. He’s so creative in the way he introduces the concepts.”

For the Chungs, LMS is becoming something of a family tradition. His older sister has taken Music for Toddlers as well as ballet and Dalcroze, and his mom has studied voice and guitar in LMS’s Adult Division. “I wanted to be able to sing to my children,” she says.

Learn more about programs for children and adults at Kaufman Music Center's Lucy Moses School.

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