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About Lucy Moses School

Manhattan's largest community music school offers private instrument lessons as well as classes in music, dance and theater to students of all ages - from toddlers to seniors - and levels of skill and experience. Known for its excellent teachers and nurturing, supportive community, the school offers a broad range of programs including Early Childhood music classes, Suzuki, Dalcroze, dance, chamber ensembles, musical theater, summer camps and a Young Artist Program for advanced teen performers. Lucy Moses School students experience world-class performance opportunities in Merkin Concert Hall, Ann Goodman Recital Hall and other NYC venues. Beginners are welcome!

Here's what makes Lucy Moses School unique:

Student Care — Whether you or your child are studying a musical instrument for the first time or looking to improve, our matchmaking approach lays a solid and engaging foundation. The Lucy Moses School staff carefully matches students of all ages with faculty members suited to their skill level, schedule, learning style and musical interests.

Community Spirit — Part of the reason students thrive at Lucy Moses School is because of the environment. It has been described as “a bustling, warm place with lots of happy students. It has a feeling of instant inclusion. People feel very comfortable here, very quickly.”

Expert Training — It’s more than just the atmosphere — our students benefit from superior training, from our 150+ accomplished faculty and innovative music curricula.

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