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Dalcroze Program

OPEN CLASS: Thursday, September 15 from 6:00-7:30pm as part of the Adult Divsion Open House!
To participate, email or call 212 501 3360.

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Whether you're a seasoned performer, an educator, or a music student of any age, Dalcroze can help you feel and understand music in a whole new way. Known as "music training through movement," Dalcroze uses the body to develop a strong musical foundation and natural feel for music. Read more about Dalcroze.  

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Who can benefit from Dalcroze?

• Teachers learn an educational approach that delights young children. LMS has a long history of Dalcroze teacher training!

• Adult musicians and music students get a "musical tune-up" that re-invigorates their love for and understanding of music.

• Performers (musicians, dancers & actors) find new pathways to improvisation and composition.

• Young music students age 2 1/2 and up explore musical concepts through rhythm games, creative movement & improvisation. Dalcroze is an excellent complement to instrumental lessons!

• Seniors can improve their balance and reduce their risk of falling while renewing their delight in music.

Join us for an open class!
Call 212 501 3360 or email for info.

Here's what some of our students are saying:

“I was surprised by how much I learned rhythmically and improvisationally in such a short amount of time.”
“Wonderful, educational, inspiring, useful fun and more fun!”
“It’s a great experience and definitely it’s a very practical skill I would use and apply in my teaching."

"Above all it makes music SO FUN!”