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Kaufman Center does not have an exclusive caterer. Any licensed and insured caterer is welcome to work at Kaufman Center and the caterer is responsible to provide proper insurance, a copy of their operating license and any other permits associated with use of the facility. It is the client's responsibility to obtain these items from the caterer. Kaufman Center will not be responsible for issues arising as a result of clients utilizing non-insured, non-licensed food providers. For your convenience, Kaufman Center can provide a list of caterers whom our clients have used at the venue.

Please note that no food or beverage may be offered for sale at Kaufman Center.


Food served at Kaufman Center may be heated or and warmed up only; there is absolutely NO COOKING permitted. Frying or preparing food in any way that extends beyond heating and warming is not permitted. Any device used for heating must operate with standard current and a standard 110v outlet. Devices using flame (e.g., Sterno) are not permitted.


Food may be served buffet-style or at stations. The passing of hors d’oeuvres is acceptable.


Alcohol may not be served or distributed by anyone under the age of 21.


* 4 – (6’x30”) tables with 30” drop
* 6 – (22”wx42”h) Hightop pedestal cocktail tables
* There are 60 stackable chairs that may be used for clusters of chairs throughout Kaufman Center. It is the client or caterer's duty to set up clusters of chairs.


The client is responsible to ensure that the caterer and all auxiliary services are aware of and follow the rules and regulations for Kaufman Center. Additional rules may apply. All rental activity must be approved through Kaufman Center’s booking office at least one month prior to event.

  • All auxiliary services, including caterers, must adhere to the contracted hours. Early in or late out times are not permitted.
  • Caterer’s equipment must be delivered and removed within the contracted hours only. Kaufman Center is not responsible for any items including items dropped off early or items left behind after an event.
  • Kaufman Center may, at its discretion, schedule back-to-back events. Between events our staff cleans, sets-up and prepares for the next event. Clients, caterers and auxiliary services are not permitted to enter the building until the time indicated on the contract. Please comply with the contracted time.
  • The caterer is responsible for providing all tablecloths, dishware, service items, ice, utensils, foils, wraps and containers. All food must be removed from the building at the end of the event.
  • The caterer is responsible for cleaning the reception areas utilized during the event after use.
  • The caterer must clear all rooms and areas of cups, plates, utensils, napkins and any other items provided during the event.
  • The caterer must remove all food-related trash from the building. Recycle bins are available for use during the event.
  • Tables and chairs are limited to specific areas inside Kaufman Center.
  • No flame of any kind is permitted in Kaufman Center. This includes, but is not limited to, votive candles, floating candles, tapered candles, candlesticks, hurricane lamps, Sterno, chafing fuels, wick chafing fuel, gel chafing fuel, butane, or propane burners or ANY OTHER conceivable flame producing material.
  • No smoking in Kaufman Center.
  • The client (or a representative) will be required to sign a condition report form for the reception space before and after the event.
  • Charges may apply to any client/caterer/auxiliary service that does not abide by the rules and regulations of Kaufman Center.
  • Any damages caused by a caterer, guest, subcontractor or the client during the rental period will result in the client being held liable. Kaufman Center will charge additional fees if deemed necessary to compensate for the loss, including fire alarm charges