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Composition Application

APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION: September 2013, Grade 9

Application deadline - November 15, 2012


Composer Application Checklist
Composer Application
How to Apply & FAQs
Music Teacher Recommendation
Complete Composer Packet (all four of the above)


Phone: 212 501 3395


To apply to Special Music School High School’s composition program you will need to:

  • Complete and submit the Application Form including the Personal Statement and Composer Statement of Originality—Pages 2 - 5
  • Send in a copy of your 7th grade report card and standardized test scores
  • Request a Teacher Recommendation using the form on Page 6 
  • Submit music scores—see How to Submit Materials—Page 9
  • Submit recordings of the scores—see: How to Submit Materials—Page 9

Please refer to the How to Apply & FAQs on Pages 7 - 10 for:

• Instructions on completing the application
• Score/Recording submission instructions
• Frequently Asked Questions for Composers